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(27/4/2017) Parents, here is our new monthly Newsletter`Wiseman Words’.                                    

Wasps Netball Masterclass

(27/4/2017) Students  were lucky enough to receive a masterclass from Wasps Netball Centre Bongiwe Msomi recently. A total of 53 pupils from Years 7 to 10 took part in the session which focused on developing game techniques, before these were put into practice in mini games. There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of netball – with the school forming eight
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chaplaincy 7

Chaplaincy in Action

(7/3/2017) The Andrew Robinson Trust Winter Camp 2017 On Friday 17th February children from Catholic schools across Coventry, boarded a coach and began the Andrew Robinson Winter Camp 2017. Alton Castle was once again our base and we did lots of fun, challenging and exciting activities. The theme for the camp was ‘Called to be Saints’ which was the focus throughout
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Fundraising Efforts Rewarded

(6/3/2017) Beatriz Baptista in Year 10 was invited to Coventry City Town Hall by the Lord Mayor for afternoon tea.  She was one of 8 pupils representatives from the Romero Academy Schools who were invited because of their exemplary fund raising. The schools raised almost £5000 between them which was donated to Zoes Place Baby Hospice.  This was the second largest
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malawi 3


(6/3/2017) Fundraising for Malawi is well under way and the students organised a successful music evening at the Tin during half term. Some of the students who are part of the team also performed at the event. The event raised over £400! They have also organised some film nights at some of our feeder schools including one at Sacred Heart before
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West Midlands Schools and West Midlands Police are working together as part of a campaign to combat knife crime. West Midlands Police use a range of strategies including educational input to educate young people about the dangers of  carrying knives and other weapons.
As part of this campaign, schools in the area will be receiving planned visits from the Police and other agencies this term to work with staff and young people on this safeguarding issue.


Please speak to your son or daughter about the following:
We have been informed by police that there seems to be a craze at the moment for inhaling nitrous oxide from balloons.
The gas can have serious side effects-
it is a depressant type drug which slows down your brain and body’s responses
it can cause dizziness and headaches
it can make you act recklessly or dangerously and put you at risk of hurting yourself
it can lead to severe vitamin deficiency
There is a risk of death particularly if the gas is consumed in an enclosed space or amounts are consumed rapidly.
Since May 2016 it has been illegal to supply nitrous oxide for human consumption. If students are found with canisters/balloons to inhale it, or we suspect they have taken the gas or brought the canisters on site they will be excluded. We have already highlighted the issue with students in assemblies.
Thank you for your support with this matter.
Mary Middleton
Deputy Headteacher