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(8/3/2017) Parents, here is our new monthly Newsletter`Wiseman Words’.                    
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Chaplaincy in Action

(7/3/2017) The Andrew Robinson Trust Winter Camp 2017 On Friday 17th February children from Catholic schools across Coventry, boarded a coach and began the Andrew Robinson Winter Camp 2017. Alton Castle was once again our base and we did lots of fun, challenging and exciting activities. The theme for the camp was ‘Called to be Saints’ which was the focus throughout
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Fundraising Efforts Rewarded

(6/3/2017) Beatriz Baptista in Year 10 was invited to Coventry City Town Hall by the Lord Mayor for afternoon tea.  She was one of 8 pupils representatives from the Romero Academy Schools who were invited because of their exemplary fund raising. The schools raised almost £5000 between them which was donated to Zoes Place Baby Hospice.  This was the second largest
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(6/3/2017) Fundraising for Malawi is well under way and the students organised a successful music evening at the Tin during half term. Some of the students who are part of the team also performed at the event. The event raised over £400! They have also organised some film nights at some of our feeder schools including one at Sacred Heart before
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World Book Day

(5/3/2017) World Book Day took place on Thursday March 2nd. We kicked off the celebrations on Monday by staff and pupils starting a week of taking time out, getting comfy and reading for twenty minutes on the “World Book Day Reading Chair” at Student Reception. On Tuesday, members of the Chapter One book group attended “The Biggest Book Show on Earth”
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Please speak to your son or daughter about the following:
We have been informed by police that there seems to be a craze at the moment for inhaling nitrous oxide from balloons.
The gas can have serious side effects-
it is a depressant type drug which slows down your brain and body’s responses
it can cause dizziness and headaches
it can make you act recklessly or dangerously and put you at risk of hurting yourself
it can lead to severe vitamin deficiency
There is a risk of death particularly if the gas is consumed in an enclosed space or amounts are consumed rapidly.
Since May 2016 it has been illegal to supply nitrous oxide for human consumption. If students are found with canisters/balloons to inhale it, or we suspect they have taken the gas or brought the canisters on site they will be excluded. We have already highlighted the issue with students in assemblies.
Thank you for your support with this matter.
Mary Middleton
Deputy Headteacher


Welcome to Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School; a member of the Romero Academy in Coventry. It is the patron of our School, Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman, who has a coat of arms which every student wears proudly as a badge on their blazer.  The motto of the badge ‘Omnia pro Christo’ means ‘All things for Christ’ and therefore faith is at the heart of everything we do and the reason why we have high expectations of ourselves.

Every member of staff is committed and passionate about their work, providing opportunities academically and pastorally for our students to achieve their best and become confident and independent young men and women.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of all our students with an excellent range of options both at GCSE and A level. Students enjoy school and appreciate its strong community of care and guidance provided to support their personal developments.  Examinations are important, but we also seek to provide enrichment opportunities such as educational visits, special curriculum days, sporting activities – all within a framework of continuous spiritual growth.

As a past pupil of Cardinal Wiseman School, I appreciate that dedicated staff alone cannot achieve student success. The staff provides guidance, but each student must strive by their determined efforts to achieve high standards of education, as Archbishop Oscar Romero reminds us all ‘aspire not to have more but to be more’.

In 2016 our hard working students produced the best ever GCSE and A level results at the school. At A level 35% of students gained an A*-A and 62% achieved A*-B in Year 13.  Our sixth form students who completed a Level 3 vocational course achieved 58% Distinction* or Distinction and 85% Distinction* – Merit.  The GCSE results have increased to 62.2% A* -C Maths and English.  80% of Year 11 students achieved grade C or above in English with 66% achieving a grade C or above in Maths; a testament to the relentless concentration on each individual student’s needs and closely working with parents and carers in meeting these needs to ensure success.

Success at GCSE and A level begins from the first day the student enters the school at 11 years of age and not just the examination.

Our website offers a glimpse of life at Cardinal Wiseman and provides a wealth of information to support our students and their parents/carers.

I look forward to meeting you at our Open Evening and Parents’ Evening.

Angela Whelan OBE

Interim Principal